Jonathan Tristram

Reg Parham

Bongo Dave




Born in retro basement bars, to the sounds of spinning vinyl, the Hub Kings conjure a setting where high ball glasses tip to head bopping funk and bossa beats. Their jazz influenced vibe, swings from the classic style of Booker T. & The MG's to more contemporary artists like Medeski, Martin, & Wood. The band is centered on the smoky tones of the Hammond organ, whose swanky sound dominated urban centers like New Brunswick and Newark in the 60's and 70's.

In 2006, The Hub Kings founding members, (New Brunswick open mic veterans) started the band to step away from their roles as balladeers and songsmiths, and pursue vibe-adelic instrumental indulgence. By the summer of 2008, The Hub Kings quartet released their debut CD entitled "This Way!", and won a slot in Universal Audio’s online magazine for their track, "Last Train Out”. After a personnel change, the Hub Kings reformed as a trio in 2009.

The Hub Kings have recently entered their subterranean studio to record material for their forthcoming CD. Fans can look forward to more original material from the band as well as participation from some of their talented friends.