The Music of Jonathan Tristram





Originally recorded in 2003, this is Jonathan Tristram's first full-length recording. Aptly titled, this CD features 12 of his instrumental works for guitar.  Several of these compositions were profoundly influenced by some of Jonathan's travel experiences. For example, "Theme for a Lazy Day" the opening track, was written while sitting on a park bench on a quiet Sunday morning in New Orleans. This track is followed by "Hadrian's Wall" a piece of music that hearkens back to memories of a childhood journey that explored the northern reaches of Great Britain. The Guitar Speaks is slated to be remastered and re-released sometime in the coming year.



Over the past four years, Jonathan has adopted a new means of musical expression through the lush smokey tones of the Hammond organ.  In 2006, Jonathan and fellow musician Rob Jones formed a guitar/organ duo soon to be called The Hub Kings.  The addition of saxophonist Ben Chapman and drummer Bongo Dave soon followed.  Hailing from the Hub City of New Brunswick, the Hub Kings create a vibe-a-delic tapestry ranging in influences from bebop jazz to swanky lounge to the more contemporary sounds of soul funk.


Producer's Corner

Think back to your most intense infatuation. Imagine a day s/he looked you in the eyes, and smiled. The two of you talked and you were charming, witty, even memorable! There's a noticeable spring in your step as you make your way back to the apartment/car/whatever-that's what Amy's music is like.

Amy approached Jonathan during the summer of 2004 and asked him if he would "do a quick demo" of 3 of her songs.  The recording of those demos proved much fun for both of them that they decided in the fall of that year to begin work on her debut CD.   In addition to his producing and engineering, Jonathan's credits on this CD also include all of the backing keyboards (Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes) and all of the bass tracks as well.

Rob Jones is a singer-song writer who studies jazz and has a penchant for well constructed pop melodies. Some may remember him from the 90's New Brunswick scene in such bands as Acoustic Grooves, and Overlap. For the first several years before moving out to California, he devoted his creative energies as the first guitarist for that vibe-weaving keyboard quartet known as The Hub Kings.

Rob's five song EP beautifully displays the depth and diversity of his writing styles. In addition to producing and engineering, Jonathan's instrumental credits on this CD include keyboards, electric bass, dobro, and drums on "Book Collection."